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Multicolors Christmas Tree

Multicolors Christmas Tree on your desktop keeps the Christmas spirit alive even when you are working
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29 November 2012

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Decoration of your home must be on the full flow with the Christmas Eve approaching. From walls of your home to garden and from the Christmas tree to the roof of your house, all must have been flooded with colorful and dazzling papers, glittering lights and Christmas presents. But one place you definitely must have forgotten to decorate is the Computer you work on. Relax, you do not have to spend any money nor you have to go anywhere just click the download link below and enjoy the joyous showpiece Multicolors Christmas Tree 1.0. This application is a lovely Christmas tree that is drawn with cartoony face. With this utility dawdling on your computer screen a majestic aura of Christmas spirit will be emitting and touch your mind.

Multicolors Christmas Tree is a free application but is really amusing and safe at the same time. It can be placed anywhere on the desktop. You just have to left click on it and drag the tree. The tree comes with different configuration settings too. As you will right click on it, different options will appear with which you can set the animation pattern of the tree. The On Top option will make the application always displayed on the screen no matter what other application you are running. As per your liking the transparency of the tree can also be changed making it matching with colors of the desktop background. You can also set the option for it to start itself when the computer starts by checking the Startup option.

From home PC to your office PC, Multicolors Christmas Tree can be set everywhere that will ensure you keep on relishing this festive season and bring out the true colors out of a Christmas tree. Henceforth for us 3.5 stars merrily sets fit for it.

Publisher's description

Time to decorate your house and not forgetting your desktop also. Multicolors Christmas Tree on your desktop keeps the Christmas spirit alive even when you are working.
Simply right click on the tree to configure the settings, such as the On Top or type of the animation.
Multicolors Christmas Tree can be set to start with Windows by simply right clicking and placing a check by the "startup" option.
Does not appear to affect PC performance.
Multicolors Christmas Tree for Desktop is a fun, easy to use program to get you in the holiday spirit.
Absolutely Free. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!
Multicolors Christmas Tree
Multicolors Christmas Tree
Version 1.0
Free Download

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